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goldman hirsh

We are specializing in the development, integration and commercialization of Life Science technologies

Goldman Bio is dedicated to advancing Israeli technologies that will improve the quality of life and the life expectancy  of cancer patients.

We provide a powerful and proficient infrastructure for the development, integration and commercialization of Israeli cancer research technologies whilst achieving significant economic value on behalf of our stakeholders.



our portfolio



Amendis acts to prevent unnecessary and life-threatening surgeries in patients with head and neck cancer.



A blood test that detects chronic inflammation, enabling precision therapy, monitoring and prognosis



DiaGyn is developing a wide range of solutions to unmet needs demanded by clinical practice in the field of Women’s



MEDPNC identifies key protein networks related to tumor development and facilitates designing personalized  treatment to improve therapy efficacy and patient’s


core strengths


Direct access to knowledge sources; universities, research institutes, clinical research departments and private enterprise.

Ability to select and evaluate breakthrough technologies in the group’s focus fields.

Integration of leading scientific experts and consultants in the R&D and management process.

International collaboration with key players active in the specific fields to enhance the R&D and promote the projects.

Precise management methodologies linked to objectives.

IT infrastructure that provides full transparency to the investors, managers and partners.

A structured process for technology commercialization.

Knowledge sharing platforms and unified management tools, producing synergies and added value to the portfolio companies.

A balanced portfolio continuously generating attractive returns for the investors and inventors

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