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Innovative Mass Injection Devices

An automated, safe and sterile mass injection devices, utilizing single-use disposable needles. User friendly and time saving. 

The need

The present practices of vaccinating both humans and livestock are inefficient, unsafe and harmful to both the operators and to the recipients, physically tiring, stressful, and, most importantly, actually contribute to the spread of disease. The need exists for automated, safe, completely sterile, user friendly, time saving mass vaccination devices.

Injections of vaccines and medicines are given on a mass scale both as a preventative measure, to prevent illness, disability and death from vaccine-preventable diseases, and in the case of emergencies, to treat and control outbreaks of infectious and pandemic diseases and in the event of the use of biological and chemical weapons.

About 16 billion preventive and curative injections are given to humans each year in developing and transitional countries alone, averting an estimated 3 million deaths annually. Nevertheless, an estimated 22 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines, and an estimated 24 million infections and 2 million deaths are caused by unsafe injection practice

At least 12 billion injections are administered annually to the world’s livestock population, and the present practice of vaccinating farm animals is inefficient, unsafe and harmful to both the operators and the animals, physically tiring, stressful to the animals and, moreover, leads to the spread of disease


The Solution

ADST offers a complete solution, automated disposable syringe devices: Prevents the spread of disease, straightforward, uncomplicated and automated application and use, minimizes the health risks and physical effort of the operators, minimizes stress and wounding during the injection

The Technology

A patented automated syringe injector utilizing single-use disposable needles for the mass vaccination of humans and farm animals.

Technological advantages: Straightforward, uncomplicated and automated application and use.

Simple and accurate pre-setting of the required needle length and dosage.

Quick and easy plug-and-play needles cartridge replacement. Each sealed replaceable cartridge contains 50 single-use sterile needles.

The needles are sterile until the moment of injection and after each injection the device automatically replaces the needle, prohibiting its re-use.

The needles are encased at all times, both before and after injection, and extend only upon the intended injection-contact with the patient.

Vaccine/antibiotics drawn directly from the manufacturers’ original bottle.

The device operates on rechargeable and interchangeable long-lasting batteries.

Effortless administration of the injection initiated by an electronic trigger.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed injector unit and back/side pack

Safe and hazardless disposal – after use the needles remain enclosed and protected in the

sealed cartridge

Meets one-needle-per-injection health authority regulations



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