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Preventing 70% of unnecessary head and neck surgery

  • Fields of Activity: Life sciences / Cancer treatment / Diagnostics
  • Product Type: Genetic Testing/Genetic Diagnostics/AI & LM Systems
  • The Product: A genomic measurement diagnostic test based on AI to avoid unnecessary neck surgeries.
  • Senior Management: Dr. Yoav Smith, CTO; Dr. Gil S. Pogozelich, Chairman.
  • Key Stake Owners: Goldman Bio; Shamir Kaminsky; Tarel Holdings Ltd. ; Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development.
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Amendis acts to prevent unnecessary and life-threatening surgeries in patients with head and neck cancer.

the need

Worldwide, head and neck cancers are the sixth leading cancer group by incidence, with approximately 630,000 new patients diagnosed annually, resulting in more than 350,000 deaths every year.
Cervical lymph node metastasis is the single most important prognostic factor in oral cancer: survival chances are reduced by 50% when compared to those with similar primary tumors without neck metastases.
Following biopsy, a surgeon is nowadays compelled to perform an elective neck dissection when the thickness of the tumor is thicker than 3mm. Neck dissections are subject to numerous potential operative complications that are common to all operative procedures, as well as complications specific to this procedure. The risk of specific complications may be best determined for an individual by the nature and extent of their cancer, prior treatment and other circumstances.
Around 70% of these surgeries turn out to be unnecessary, as the tumor remains local. These surgeries are costly, and highly effect the patients’ quality of life in the following years.

the solution

Amendis provides a scientific proven analysis to avoid unnecessary neck surgeries in patients with oral cavity cancer.

Based on a genomic measurement, Dr. Yoav Smith, who is charge of the Genomic Data Analysis unit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, developed a unique, AI-based test which has ability to predict the development of head and neck metastatic disease after diagnosis of oral cavity tumors and thus prevent as much as 40% of these unnecessary neck surgeries. The test showed statistical significance of above 98%, significantly higher than the industry standard. The test is based on the tissue obtained from the patients’ the biopsy.

the technology

The technology is based on genome analysis, algorithmics, and AI. The established protocol presented a significance that is much higher than the industry standard. “The goal is to improve the diagnostic procedure and thus significantly contribute to the patient’s quality of life. From the financial aspect, expensive operations could be avoided, freeing valuable space in operating rooms, and saving considerable amounts of money to the health system and insurance companies” says Dr. Shamir Kaminsky, a co-partner in the company and a renowned specialist in the medical insurance system in Israel.

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