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optimizes personalized treatment for cancer

  • Fields of Activity: Life sciences/Cancer treatment/Therapeutics
  • Product Type: Personalized and targeted drug delivery composite for metastatic cancers
  • The Product: A multi drug composite nanoparticle for targeted chemotherapy in metastatic cancers
  • Senior Management: Dr. Roy Farfara Co-CEO; Dr. Gil S. Pogozelich, Chairman
  • Key Stake Owners: Dr. Roy Farfara; Goldman Hirsh Partners Ltd

Personalized and targeted drug delivery composite for metastatic cancers

The need

It is estimated that metastases account for about 90% of cancer deaths; making them the primary cause of cancer mortality. Survival statistics may vary with the kind of tumor, the stage at which cancer are diagnosed and whether actionable treatment is available. For most metastatic tumors there is no effective treatment available and patients are treated with palliative care that only alleviate the symptoms.

The high lactic acid and acidity concentrations present in the surroundings of the metastatic tumors cause these tumor cells to create a hostile environment to the natural immune system.

The solution

Optimacure’s Multi Drug Composite (MDC) nanoparticles uniquely utilizes important immunotherapeutic mechanisms to uncloak cancer cells to the immune system and induce their apoptosis (programed cell death).

The MDCs comprise mesoporous silica nanoparticles loaded with Mitoxantrone, capped with Gossypol and marked with a unique proprietary active targeting agent.

Mitoxantrone is an antineoplastic agent that disrupts the DNA synthesis by inducing abnormal crosslinks and breaks, thus avoiding its repair. The drug has been approved to treat several types of cancer such as breast cancer and advanced prostate cancer.

Gossypol is a natural polyphenol derived from cotton seeds that have exhibited potent anti-cancer activities in several trials. The compound has shown anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects against various types of cancer cells and might be related to the regulation of Bax and Bcl2 genes.

The technology

Optimacure’s proprietary targeting agent allows direct penetration of the particles to the cancer cells. Once the particles aproach the cancer cells surroundings, the low pH and the elevated concentrations of lactic acid present in the area trigger the controlled release of the loaded chemotherapeutic agents, executing a synergetic cytotoxic effect on the malignant cells.

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