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Adv. Shamir Kaminsky has been appointed to the position of Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Medical Insurance in Amendis

Amendis has appointed Adv. Shamir Kaminsky as Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Medical Insurance. Adv. Kaminsky is a consultant and lecturer in the fields of insurance and medical innovation in Israel and around the world.

Shamir Kaminsky

He is an expert in the formulation of insurance products in the field of health insurance, formerly served as the active chairman of the Leumi Health Services, and is now a consultant to major health organizations and insurers in the economy and active in projects on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

According to Adv. Kaminsky: “In order to address the US market in an effective way, emphasis must be placed on suitable reimbursement agreements with local insurance companies and thus increase their ability to provide a better service to their clients, to avoid unnecessary risks, and to keep costs low.”

Reimbursement agreements are agreements between insurance companies and the medical service providers, which are intended to include specific medical services within the coverage offered by the insurance companies. Adv. Kaminsky added: “The inclusion of a specific service allows the insured to use that same new service and receive a refund or monetary compensation as determined by the insurance company. This is in contrast to the general uniformity found in Israel in the insurance policies of the Health Maintenance Organizations (Kupot Holim), or in the State’s medical services basket that applies to all Israeli citizens through the HMOs.  The situation is different in the United States, as there are hundreds of insurance companies and tens of thousands of hospitals and medical institutes with which arrangements must be made to cover a population of about 330 million people.”

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