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GHP’s Companies are at the forefront of technology

GHP’s portfolio includes companies whose source of technology is groundbreaking research from Israeli academic institutions, with an emphasis on life sciences and cancer-related developments in the early stages of clinical trials. The management strategy og GHP increases the value of the companies, focused on cancer research and personilized treatment. The group focuses on companies whose products require lenient regulatory processes, enabling short regulatory procedures, such as orphan drugs and compassionate medicines. 

GHP's companies

The current portfolio includes companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation in cancer research:

An AI test that has proven to be able to prevent about 40 percent of unnecessary surgery that doctors are forced to do for head-neck cancer patients.

A company that developed a mechanism for detecting cancer cells in ovarian cancer patients and destroying them with a standard chemotherapy drug, thus reducing side effects and in some cases preventing severe surgery.

A company that identifies and barcodes key protein networks related to tumor development and facilitates designing personalized  treatment to improve therapy efficacy and patient survival.

A company that develops a blood test that indicates, with the help of unique biomarkers, the presence of chronic inflammation in the body. It can show whether cannabis can be given together with a targeted biological medicine or not, due to cases of decreased efficacy of the drug when used in combination.with medical cannabis. This allows the doctor to replace a drug or a type of cannabis, or adjust dosages. This test is also effective in warning of fatal complications arising from diabetes treatments.


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